What is 2eat.ca?

2eat.ca is a free Canada-wide listing for restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes. We have listings of restaurants for which users can submit reviews and ratings.

Is 2eat.ca free?

Absolutely! It doesn’t cost a restaurant anything to have their business on 2eat.ca, and users can visit the site absolutely free!

Can I write a review for a restaurant?

Of course! Whether it was good or bad, you can comment on your experience at any restaurant on 2eat. Just make sure there are no personal attacks or threatening language.  We monitor all reviews and remove those that violate the terms of use.

Why is my favourite restaurant not on 2eat.ca?

We haven’t gotten around to it! Feel free to add a restaurant you like on 2eat.ca! Share the wealth!

My business is listed on 2eat.ca but the food type/address/other detail is incorrect! What can I do?

If you see any discrepancies in a 2eat.ca listing, simply contact us and we will rectify the problem a.s.a.p.

How do I add a restaurant to 2eat.ca?

Simply click on “Add Establishment” in the top right corner and fill in the form provided.

I know of a great restaurant in New York City – can I add it to 2eat.ca?

2eat.ca is a Canadian directory and therefore only includes restaurants, bars, coffee shops and bistros in Canada. There are so many great places to explore in Canada from coast to coast – keep ‘em coming!

I went to a restaurant that got good reviews on 2eat.ca and I didn’t like it! What’s up?

We do our best to make sure that the comments and ratings on 2eat.ca are representative of the institutions, whether good or bad. Perhaps your waiter was having an off day. However, we encourage you to leave your comments and let others know about your experience. Just make sure to keep your comments professional, informative, and avoid insults, racial slurs or derogatory language. Constructive criticism is useful!

Canada's restaurants, coffee shops and bars
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